Christianity and its Modern Secularized Variants: A Jewish Conspiracy and Hoax on the Gentiles



"I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough – I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race" -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Table of Contents

1. Introduction Top ↑

Christianity is an 'Alexandrian School' (1) repackaging of the Roman Imperial cult [link], specifically the 'Divus Julius' (the divine Julius) cult, which itself is a repackaging of the Ptolemaic cult of Alexander the Great [link]. Alexander the Great used the title Christios and he was a prototype for a universal deity as he claimed to be Alexandros-Ammon, son of Zeus-Ammon [link]. YHWH is Enlil, who is Zeus, aka Set in Egypt. Julius Caesar promoted himself as the Roman Alexander and stole a lot of Alexander's life story and added it into his own mythology. Note how Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ have the same "JC" initials, how IÊSUS is an acronym of GAIuS iUliuS, and how Julius Caesar wore a crown of thorns [link].
         The 'Divus Julius' cult became the psy-op of Christianity around the time of the Alexandrian Riots in 38CE, when Alexandrian jews associated with the 'Alexandrian School' in Egypt (a school that specialized in religious syncretism (1). See: Sibylline Oracles), and led by Philo Judaeus, then took the 'Divus Julius' cult (the religion the Romans were most familiar with), and infused a slave morality into it and replaced Julius Caesar with one of the dozens of jewish messianic claimants at that time [link] [link] to subconsciously connect the Romans to jews. 
        A stylometric and textual analysis can trace the earliest (2) Koine Greek written (3) New Testament epistles back to Philo Judaeus, but this essay will not engage in a detailed examination of the origins of Christianity. Instead, it will be an exposition on the sophisticated population control system and psychological weapon that exists at its core, how it operates, how this system secularized, and the way in which this system strips a group of their ingroup preference, tribal spirit, will to power, and how it self-perpetuates and self-regulates, and how this divide and conquer slave making system led to the fall of the Roman Empire, Dark Ages, unceasing religious wars, and the death of billions of people over the past 2000 years.

2. The Christian System Top ↑

Christianity is a sophisticated self-regulating millenarianist (4) slave morality (5) system that is packaged as a religion. The system divides and conquers a group by empowering the outcastes and lowest ("chandala" (6)) classes of society (7) which consequently allows them to become self-policing/regulating agents that can hold the higher classes in judgment if they violate any of the christian rules of behavior; and secondly, the christian system contains within it a pacifist slave morality system that is designed to transvaluate a groups traditional values while also turning them into obedient and cuckolded slaves. 

2.1 Self-Policing System/Savior Complex

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote [link] that through monotheism (good vs evil), universalism/spiritual equality, the concept of sin and salvation (being "saved" frees you of sin, everyone else is a sinner/immoral), and the 'transvaluation of Aryan values' [link]; i.e., replacing a groups aristocratic values with 'chandala' values (guilt, pity, self-hate, weakness, and vulgarity replace strength, pride, honor, loyalty, family, race, and tradition, etc.) jewish [link] slave morality systems (Christianity and its secularized variants of Marxism/Bolshevism/Leftism/Progressivism) empower the lowest chandala caste to feel like they are morally and socially superior to the aristocratic and warrior castes, therefore, they begin policing (8) their actions relative to their socially constructed rules of behavior and exacting vengeance on infidels. The savior complex (9) is a subset of christian self-deification and is a heritage of monotheism and messianism (10). Self-deification (11) is the foundation for policing heretics, especially of "aristocratic" or "warrior" castes (12), and redeeming others (13)See also: Ressentiment, 'transvaluation of values', and chandala  (Nietzsche), and structuralism (Marxism).

2.2 Slave Morality System

Simultaneous to the 'chandala' caste becoming empowered to be population behavior regulators the Christian slave morality system transvaluates a groups traditional values (12), subconsciously connects a population to jews, fills a group with fear (trauma-based mind-control programming), self-hate, strips them of all self-worth, fills them with guilt and shame complexes, robs them of their connection to ancestry and genetic memory, makes them stupid (intellectual curiosity and critical thinking are not only threats to faith/fideism but are sins, and this is the reason why every Christian white trash town is filled with people whose culture is built around a contempt for learning (13), and instills into a group a slave-like mentality of obedience. It does this through:

  • Transvaluation of a groups traditional values.
  • Fear and punishment/trauma based mind-control programming: genital mutilation at birth; the concept of "hell" that they plagiarized from Plato's Republic (the 'Myth of Er' (14)); the lifelong fear of death (Pagans equated death with glory). Also, reward. The concept of "heaven" for asceticism/suffering/obedience.
  • Monotheism/Moral Absolutism: the eternal conflict between God and Satan, Good and Evil, us vs them. This is what led to so many European religious wars, and when combined with the concept of sin, is also what creates the self-defied "chandala" described above (SJW's in secularized form).
  • Group polarization (15)
  • Depersonalization/alienation: christianity doesn't just separate you from your tribe and family, but also your genetic memory.
  • Guilt and shame: Instilling guilt and shame complexes from birth and then offering a program of "salvation". Christians are brainwashed into believing that they are sinners (there are dozens of types) and that they were born with Original Sin (sin you inherit from simply being born).
  • Learned helplessness: no matter how enslaved and exploited you are you shouldn't resist because a savior will eventually come rescue you if you pray hard enough, and if a savior doesn't come, you will be rewarded when you die.
  • Penance: Evangelism and missionary work as part of a program of salvation that will release your guilt. Evangelism makes the psyop self-perpetuating.
  • Prayer: The purpose of prayer is to reinforce the brainwashing (guilt, shame, fear) by continually repeating directed affirmations.
  • Confession: To further reinforce the guilt and shame complexes by continually confessing guilt. Confessing guilt also contributes to ego death.
This was a clever divide and conquer strategy. Empower the poor outcastes and traitors to police the behavior of the warrior and aristocratic castes while transvaluating their traditional values to subvert them. This slave morality system traces back to Stoicism and the Alexandrian School (1) and is seen in Buddhism (Buddhism empowered the chandala caste in India to challenge and overthrow the Hindu caste system) and Marxism/Bolshevism/Leftism/Progressivism in its atheist compatible forms.

3. Secularization of Christianity Top ↑

Modern Leftism is a secularized Christian political-theological religion (16). Specifically, secularized fundamentalist Protestantism (the Calvinist branch that later evolved into Puritanism) combined with Marxism (the first secularized form of Christianity). The Reformation and the rise of Protestantism really opened up the gates of hell to Europe. Before this, when Europeans were illiterate and were not allowed to read (17) or interpret the bible anyways, the psyop religion was simply a regressive force. The Reformation coincided with the invention of the Gutenberg printing press which increased literacy and this is when the psyop became personal. This is also when a myriad of Protestant sects sprung forth: the Anabaptists, the Mennonites, the Amish, the Digger Movement, the Ranters, etc., all of whom adhered to a system of communism and preached about universalism and a utopia on earth. Marxism was one of these sects. The only difference is that Marxism was the first secularized Christian sect where the belief in a supernatural god was replaced with a belief in an omnipresent government. 

3.1 Marxism and Secularized Christianity

  • "Marxism" is a secularized Christian sect that replaces god with the government. The central organizing principle of classical Marxist economics, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, was lifted verbatim from the pages of the New Testament. Marx's historical materialism is the eschatological framework of Christian orthodoxy in secularized form. Christian salvation is Marxian emancipation. Also, Marxism is built on the philosophy of liberation and universalism (18) and preys off of those who find it difficult to deal with life on this earth by promising them a future utopia. Marxism, like christianity, is also dogmatic and sectarian, both justify violence as a catalyst for social change, both prohibit private property, "take from the rich to give to the poor", and "may the last be first", etc. If you strip away the Marxian narrative you will see that at its core it is the exact divide and conquer population control system that is designed to weaponize the resentment of the lower classes for the overthrow of society like christinaity. This is not a coincidence. Influenced by Bruno Bauer, and coming out of the enlightenment, Karl Marx approached a Christian communist group called the 'League of the Just' (19) and got them to finance him while he came up with an economic system based on Christianity. 
3.2 Secular Christian Tenets and Ethics

  • White guilt/privilege/fragility/ = Christian Original Sin
  • Virtue signaling = Christian penance [link] [link]. 
  • Publicly exhibiting self-hate/self-flagellating = christian piety signaling. In christianity, genuflection, self-abasement, and self-abnegation are necessary prerequisites for spiritual purity and cleansing. This is expressed as "mortification of the flesh" [link]. For 2000 years, Europeans have been rewarded for piety signaling, i.e.. displaying self-hate, confession, self-flagellation, etc., and punished for not displaying these things. 
  • Salvation/atonement [link] (through accepting jesus and admitting sin) = accepting Leftism and admitting privilege.
  • Race/IQ/gender/genetics denialism ("Boasian anthropology") = Christian Universalism
  • Political Correctness = Heresy
  • Cancel culture = witch-hunts/excommunicated for heresy
  • Government = God. An omnipresent entitlement and benefactor giver.
This is why there is such a strong push to have critical race theory (secularized original sin/guilt-based morality) taught in schools (secularized churches) (20). The original psyop religion is dying among white people, so that is why they are pushing the secular ones now. As young as possible, white children are taught that they are horrible and that their white skin is a mark of sin (original sin). Then they will be given a program of penance that requires them to seek redemption/salvation through virtue and piety signaling, self-flagellating, being missionaries of Wokeism, self-policing other whites ("heretics"), and working against their own tribal and familial interests as "noble traitors". Instilling guilt and shame complexes and then offering a system of redemption is Christianity's foundation and a powerful way of manipulating people.

4. What do the Jews Believe? Top ↑

Around the same time that the Alexandrian School Jews created the "New Testament" to mentally subvert their enemies, they plagiarized Plato's Timaeus (360 BC) (where the story of Abraham comes from), Plato's The Laws [link] (347 BC) (21)Manetho’s Aegyptiaca (ca. 285–280 BC) (where the story of Exodus comes from), and Berossus’s Babyloniaca (278 BC) [link] and then turned this new religion into a group strategy to fortify their own group's tribalism.

To prove this, simply compare the differences between the Old and New Testaments:

  • Jews: "eye for an eye" and "never forgive, never forget". Christians: "turn the other cheek" and "submit to the evil doer".
  • Jews: "life should be endowed with material worth." Jews do not believe in an afterlife and believe in achieving riches and pleasure in this life. Christians believe in asceticism and that they will get their reward in the afterlife.
  • Jews: the Torah contains over 100 mitzvot concerning business and money-making. Christians: "usury" and money lending is one of the worst sins.
  • Jews: master race/"God's chosen people", outbreeding or conversion is forbidden. Christians: Universalist/"all are one in Jesus", "love thy brother". Having "pride" is one of the worst sins.
  • Jews: multiple mitzvots that command them to be fruitful and have as many kids as possible. Christians: the bible preaches celibacy [too many verses to quote, so go here: link] and antinatalism (Ecclesiastes 4:3, Job 3:16, Matthew 26:24), and moreover, "jesus" even says that men should castrate themselves to gain entry into the kingdom of heaven! (Matthew 19:11-12 [link])
  • The “New Testament” was built on Judaism, which unconsciously ties Christians to Jewish masters.
  • Judaism is tribal. Christianity is universal.
  • Judaism is an ethnocentric religion that does not accept converts. Christians actively seek converts of all races because Christian Universalism considers everyone equal.
  • The Old Testament is filled with violence, killing, and war. The New Testament is filled with love, unconditional tolerance, and anti-rebellion: "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword".
  • Jews loath Christians, but Christians believe that Jews are "God's chosen" and they exist to serve Israel.
5. Conclusion Top ↑

Over the past 2000 years, every group that had the christian psyop forced on them had their evolutionary group strategy evolve under constant pressure to conform to this system. All of your patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response have evolved to operate subconsciously within the dynamics of this system. This system stripped you of identity, pride, tribal spirit, and the will to power, with the ultimate goal of turning you into a guilt-ridden and self-loathing slave.
        It is horrifying to think of the scale that this psyop grew to, how this system became institutionalized, how it changed the evolutionary group strategy of billions of people, how it created hell on earth for the entire planet, for centuries, and how it is the system that is responsible for the needless destruction of billions of people.

6. Appendices

A. The fictional "Jesus" character is a composite of the Egyptian deity Horus, Persian deity Zoroaster, Alexander the Great (he used the title Christios and was a prototype of a universal deity; he claimed to be Alexandros-Ammon, son of Zeus-Ammon [link]. YHWH is Enlil, who is Zeus, aka Set in Egypt), Julius Caesar (GAIuS iUliuS is IÊSUS [link]), and one of the dozens of jewish messianic claimants at that time [link] [link]. The fictional "Paul the Apostle" character is "Josephus" [link] aka Tiberius Julius Alexander combined with the Ancient Egyptian story "Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor" [link]. "Pontius Pilate" is Aulus Avilius Flaccus who was the Prefect (governor) of Roman Egypt. He was sent to the island of Ponza (Pontia) [link] (Tacitus, Annals, 14.59) where high level political prisoners were kept and was tortured to death in 38AD immediately after Philo's embassy to Caligula (Philo: Legatio ad Gaium (Embassy to Gaius). This shows the power that the jews had in pre-Flavian-era Rome.

B. There appears to have been a number of sects of the Divine Julius cult with different people taking Julius Caesars place. The Alexandrian School psyop with a jewish messianic claimant as the deity is one, another sect has King Herod's grandson and Julius Caesar's adopted son Alexander aka Gaius Julius Alexander aka Alexander the Alabarch aka Alexander Lysimachus aka Tiberius Julius Alexander Major aka (king/Tetrarch) Ptolemy (Alexander) bar Menneus aka Monobazus I as the deity [link]. "The Son of the Man" is a Koine->Aramaic->Koine mistranslation of Alexandros, and as the grandson and heir of King Herod he had the right to be called "King of the Jews". Alexander was married to (his sister?) Cleopatra Selene II aka Cleopatra (Thea Philopator) of Mauretania or Cleopatra IX aka Pythodorida Philometor aka Helene aka Drusilla of Mauretania who was also "Philo Judaeus" ("Theophilus" in the bible). This theory postulates that she ended up in Rome as 'Pallas' (as in Homer’s goddess, 'Pallas-Athena', the heroine of The Odyssey who frequently disguised herself as a man) [link] [link] who was Claudius and Nero's secretary, and then Vespasian's mistress 'Antonia Caenis' ('Caenis' was the Greek goddess who was transformed into a man) [link]. Alexander and Cleopatra Selene II had two prominent sons: Tiberius Julius Alexander aka Josephus (Joseph of Ara-Matthaus in the bible) and Marcus Julius Alexander aka Gaius Plinius Secundus ('Pliny the Elder') aka Gaius Calpernius Piso aka Izates bar Monobazus  (Izates or Izas is his title, which is an ancient Greek translation of the Avestan word Yazatas (Persian: izad), meaning "lord", or "worthy of worship"). [link]. 

C. How did christianity spread? Emperor Vespasian [link] and his sons Titus and Domitian brought 100,000 jewish "slaves" to Rome (Josephus, Jewish War vi, 9) [link]. At the time there was a jewish gang/terrorist group in Rome called the 'Chrestiani' group (24), named after their leader who used Alexanders title 'Christios' (Julius Caesar possibly used it as well). It seems likely that the 100,000 jewish "slaves" joined the 'Chrestiani' group and "Josephus" used the Chrestiani name for the psyop religion to deify this group who became the early missionaries and profited greatly from selling this religion to the slaves and exploited classes and that is how the religion initially spread. Tiberius Julius Alexander ('Josephus') was the Prefect (leader) of the Pretorian Guard and arguably the most powerful man in the empire during Vespasian's reign, and the first cousin to Berenice, empress of Rome through her relationship with Titus. "Philo" = Cleopatra Selene II aka 'Antonia Caenis', Vespasian's mistress and Tiberius Julius Alexander's mother.

7. Footnotes Top ↑

[1] The Alexandrian School made an industry out of taking existing religions and then adding to them a psyop slave-morality foundation. The Serapis cult, Gnosticism, Mithraism, Christianity, Manichaeanism, Valentinianism, Hermeticism, Buddhism [link] [link] [link], and about a dozen other pacifist slave-making religions came from here. See also: Reflections on the Christ Myth. Chapter 1 'Hellenism' by Revilo P. Oliver [link] and Berossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus: Hellenistic Histories and the Date of the Pentateuch (The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies, 433) by Russell Gmirkin [link].
-Stoicism [link] was the foundation for all the Alexandrian slave moralities. Stoicism is a universalist slave morality system that preaches pure communism and is one of the earliest monotheistic (good vs evil) religions.
-Sibylline Oracles. Wikipedia. (Alexandrian School religious syncretism was outlined here) 
-An Alexandrian Abrahamic-Heraclean syncretic slave-morality psyop religion that was targeted at the Spartans around 300 BCE served as a test run for xtianity in Europe. So, before christianity, they had over 300 years to perfect their population control/brainwashing system which they then tried to infuse into established religions. See: Lowinger, V. a. P. B. P. (2018, October 24). The Jews of Sparta: Diplomatic origins of Religious synchronization. The Ancient World. [link[<]

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[13] Quotes from Martin Luther:
-"Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but — more frequently than not — struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God."
-"Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed. Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and … know nothing but the word of God."
-"There is on earth among all dangers no more dangerous thing than a richly endowed and adroit reason…"

-"Reason should be destroyed in all Christians."
-"Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his Reason." [<]

[14] Friedrich Nietzsche claimed that slave moralities [link] (xtianity, Buddhism, liberalism, etc.) allowed the chandala castes to triumph over the aristocratic and warrior castes in ancient India and in Rome and he predicted that they would eventually allow them to overtake the entire west which is what you see today [link]. Ex. the lowest scum chandala are empowered to destroy all progress in their attempt to gain moral and social supremacy over over the higher castes. See: Master–slave morality [link], Tschandala [link], Transvaluation of values [link], Nietzschean affirmation [link], and Ressentiment [link]. See also: Last Man [link

Quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche:
-"Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, privilege:—it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence. Christianity, the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favored, against race: the undying chandala hatred as the religion of love".
-"The Jews are responsible for bringing mankind to a state where it finds it ever harder to affirm life at all: they have made mankind sick with their reversal of values, whereby only those who suffer are good, only those who are poor, those who are despised are good; only those who deny life are good."
-"Christianity aims at mastering beasts of prey; its modus operandi is to make them sick— weakening is the Christian recipe for taming, for “civilizing.” Buddhism is a religion for the closing, over-wearied stages of civilization".
-Friedrich Nietzsche was a major influence on every jewish philosopher and on every jewish intellectual movement over the past 100 years [link] [link]. It is almost as if groups like the Frankfurt School read what Nietzsche warned about and then turned around and promoted those things instead [link]. 
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[18] The church even outlawed proselytising using a local language and the translation of the bible into any language other than Latin [link]. The punishment for this was a public execution. [<]

[19] Bible quotes. 'Christianity is an egalitarian religion similar to Marxism/Communism.'
--Christianity & Communism: Parallels in the Bible
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--"Weeds of the same root" [<]

[20] Everything written above, that Philo Judaeus was the true author of the New Testament Epistles, and that christianity is a divide and conquer system which is designed to appeal to the oppressed, exploited, and women, was described in the 1800s by German philosopher Bruno Bauer (Christianity Exposed by Bruno Bauer (1843)). 
-Bruno Bauer believed that Christianity weaponized the resentment of the lower classes for a social revolution. He argued that the Christian concept of sin was a way for the lower classes to express their anger and frustration at the injustices of the social order. In Bauer's view, sin was not a moral failing, but rather a political one. It was the act of disobeying the authorities, whether they were political, religious, or social. By defining sin in this way, Bauer argued that Christianity gave the lower classes a language to express their discontent with the status quo.
-Quotes from Bruno Bauer: 
-"Christianity was a religion of the oppressed classes, of the slaves, of the poor, of women. It was a religion of suffering and consolation. It promised a future life where all the injustices and miseries of this world would be compensated. It taught submission and obedience to the existing authorities, but also resistance and rebellion against the pagan oppressors. It created a community of believers who shared a common faith and hope, but also a common hatred and resentment against the unbelievers and persecutors".
-“Liberalism is the offspring of Christianity, which has inherited its contradictions and weaknesses.”
-“The French Revolution was not only a political revolution, but also a religious one. It was the first manifestation of a godless religion, a religion that did not need any transcendent or supernatural support, but only the power and will of man.”
-"Philo is the real founder of Christianity; Jesus is only the mythical hero, in whom the ideas of Philo were embodied. The Christian doctrine of the Logos, of the incarnation, of the atonement, of the resurrection, of the future life, are all to be found in Philo" (The Life of Jesus, p. 106).
-"Bauer studied this question until his death. His research reached its culminating point in the conclusion that the Alexandrian Jew Philo, who was still living about A.D. 40 but was already very old, was the real father of Christianity" -- Bruno Bauer and Early Christianity by Frederick Engels (1882) [link]
-Friedrich Nietzsche was greatly inspired by the work of Bruno Bauer:
-"The Christian moral ideal has been secularized and translated into the political ideal of liberalism, with its emphasis on equality, progress, and universal rights. But this ideal is still essentially Christian, and it still carries with it the same dangers of mediocrity and conformity.". 
-"Liberalism, the political expression of Christian morality, is the attempt on the part of the herd animal to establish itself as the absolute value, to safeguard itself against all that still remains of the aristocratic spirit.". 
-The democratic movement is the heir to Christianity—the destroyer of everything noble." 
-"The democratic movement is the secularized form of Christianity: it has taken the Christian ideal of equality and applied it to the political sphere. This has led to the belief that all people are equal in their rights and that they should all have an equal say in the government. However, this belief is based on a false understanding of what equality means. Equality does not mean that everyone is the same; it means that everyone has the same potential. In reality, people are different, and they should be treated accordingly."
-"The socialist is merely a Christian in a new disguise. He has simply secularized Christian morality. The concepts "equality of rights" and "equal value of men" are of Christian origin."
-Bruno Bauer was Karl Marx's mentor and friend, and Marx wrote multiple times about how he was influenced by him (see: 'Karl Marx: The Influence of Bruno Bauer on Marx's Thought' by Zvi Rosen). Marx even addressed his work 'On the Jewish Question' to him. See also: League of the Just. Wikipedia. [link]. "The League of the Just was a Christian communist organization that in 1847 merged with the Communist Correspondence Committee, an organization led by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, creating the Communist League. The new group tasked Marx and Engels with writing a political platform for itself. The resulting document was The Communist Manifesto." [<]

[21] Christianity has been imbued into every aspect of European culture and society over the past 2000 years. The western system of education; a teacher at the front of the class replicates a priest, a classroom replicates a church, constant tests to show that you memorized the teaching (never tested on your ability to apply learned information in creative ways), this is all designed to strip students of critical thinking ability and turn them into stupid and obedient slaves who are filled with guilt, shame, self-hatred, and whose entire worldview revolves around the monotheistic dichotomy between good vs evil/God vs Satan/us vs them/righteous vs infidels. [<]

[22] Argonauts of the Desert: Structural Analysis of the Hebrew Bible by Philippe Wajdenbaum
--Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible [<]

[23] Deuteronomy 7 is basically the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion [<]

[24] By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them by Revilo Oliver. [link]
-Jews in Rome identified themselves with Alexander's and Julius Caesar's title 'Christios'. Also, Caesar, Kaiser (German for Caesar), Kesar or Kaysar (Persian for Caesar), Kaisar (Ancient Greek for Caesar), Tsar (Russian for Caesar) and Khazar are not just phonetic coincidences. This is probably a case of Jews in Europe identifying themselves with something powerful the same way 'gypsies' in Europe adopted their name to draw illusions to Egypt [<]